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For now, we are continuing smaller class sizes (maximum of 12 students), social distancing, and masking for all students and staff. We will be running multi-week sessions of 55 minute classes, with a discount for signing up for the full session. (Drop-in classes are $35 each, signing up for the full session is $5 cheaper per class).

We will be offering drop-in options for some classes, which will be available shortly prior to the beginning of each session. For session classes, make-up classes are not guaranteed but we will try to accommodate one makeup each session, if there is availability in the same session.

If you are new to Xelias or to aerial arts, register for a Mixed Apparatus class. Some new students prefer to get familiar with circus by taking a private lesson first but it is not required at this point. Email us with any questions about private lessons.

A non-refundable $25 registration fee is due once per academic year (per family) and covers the administrative costs of all registrations for the year. This is due in September and will be paid at the studio.

We are extremely committed to safety in all ways. All students and staff are wearing masks, we have increased our ventilation, reduced our class sizes, and are continuing to social distance.


Small group registration is online, at this link. Please note that if you cancel your registration within 24 hours or miss class without notice, you will be charged for your class. If you are sick or have been exposed to COVID this will not apply. If you have to make a last-minute change to your registration, please email info@watchhumansfly.com and we will get back to you!

Select apparatus classes have prerequisites, please read our registration guide if you’re unsure. Intermediate/advanced classes are available by coach invitation, and to students who have taken them previously. Please confirm age guidelines for youth classes!

Fall Session classes are viewable on Acuity in Fall Session Teen/Adult and Fall Session Youth Classes tabs. Wire and Contortion are in separate tabs. Please email us with any questions!

How do classes work?

Students begin with a warm up, then are placed in a smaller group to match their skill level. We typically rotate through 2-3 different apparatuses and end with core conditioning exercises as a full class. Instructors use hands-on spotting methods to ensure student safety and technique. Some classes are single-apparatus and would not include rotations.

What types of apparatuses?

Students learn a progression of skills at their own pace. We always include both vertical apparatuses (tissu, rope) and nonvertical (trapeze, lyra, hammock, etc). We believe that cross-training on multiple apparatuses builds strong technique – for example, learning to safely invert on trapeze makes learning skills on tissu or rope safer and more attainable.

Xelias Reserves the right to merge or cancel registrations. We will only contact you regarding your registration if there is an issue. There is a yearly registration fee of $25.00 per family that is required, due in September. The fee will not be pro-rated.

Need more information? Call 612-353-6406
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