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Excerpt from article: If you were like me as a kid, besides the day when teacher pulled the rainbow-colored parachute out of the closet (no pun intended), gymnastics was your favorite gym-class theme.

Remember climbing the ropes, doing flips on the rings, and tumbling around on those all-too-thin wrestling mats?

Then, of course, think of the Olympic games on television and every Cirque du Soleil event, with all the far-too-athletic-and-muscular-to-be-real men and women who have balance, strength, and coordination most of us only can dream of.

Well, it was with these thoughts in mind that I sought to find out: Do everyday people really engage in this stuff?

My curiosity led me to Xelias Aerial Arts Studio in Northeast Minneapolis. I discovered that, yes, lots of people are doing gymnastics every day, and it is every bit as thrilling—and challenging—as it looks when the pros do it.

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“Xelias classes allow more artsy folks out there to express their athleticism in a thrilling, artistic way.”
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